Glyder Graphic Design




Samson Office Supplies Ltd is an independent office products dealer with it's roots in South West England. The company has evolved from a computer consumables specialist to being able to supply all businesses requirements.

From punchy sales flyers through to the design of the annual sales catalogue, Samson have been a customer who has known who their target market is and how they want to reach them. Very much a collaborative effort, they require a very direct sales approach design style for their sales and marketing literature. We have had to demonstrate flexibilty and a very quick turnaround as this business has to react very quickly to customer needs. 

As an Office Supplies Company, we have to be very sales driven and we need to create an impact to all our customers to remind them why they should continue to use us. I have worked with Glyder for many years now and have never been disappointed by their dedication and ability to very quickly turnaround a marketing idea into “marketing gold”. They design our sales flyers, leaflets and email campaigns as well as our sales catalogue and they always deliver. Nothing is ever too much for them. Working with them has been a pleasure and we really enjoy working alongside them.

Jonathan Rice, Managing Director, Samson Office Supplies

Glyder is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales under Company Number 06706664