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Marketing Literature

Marketing Literature needs to be effective and engaging. Each piece of marketing literature needs to have a purpose and be highly targeted. It requires intelligent design and communicate your key messages which can be achieved through imaginative creative solutions.

Our vast experience in delivering high quality design and print marketing literature has enabled us to provide our clients with individual, relevant and empowering design.

Marketing Literature can be flyers, leaflets, postcards, adverts, forms any ideas that you have to help promote your business. We will help you to bring your business to the forefront of your market.

" Glyder created and produced fantastic and innovative branding and artwork for the Local Involvement Network. Glyder's work is now on display in health services across the county and encourages patients to respond by sending us their own stories via Glyder's leaflets. Glyder's ideas were praised by patient groups across the country, several of whom contacted us to say how great they thought they were. "

Lucy Nicholls, Manager, Somerset LINk

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